• Hardware repair

    from broken screens, to busted keyboards, we fix it all, and keep it reasonably priced. If it costs more to fix it than to buy a new computer, we may point you in that direction

  • Commercial Tech Support

    Do you own a small business? Or maybe a not-so-small business? Looking for good, reliable, honest IT support either as your main go to or to supplement an in house IT tech? Give us a call and we'd love to discuss options with you.

  • Home Automation and Security

    Tired of paying an alarm company that's not even in state a monthly fee for a service that you feel you could be getting a better deal on? Would you like to take control of your home security system? We help purchase and install a wide variety of in home automation and camera systems that function as good as if not better than a monthly security system, and the best part is, YOU are in control. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

  • Virus cleanup

    is your computer running a little slow? Maybe you have unwanted pop ups, or your web pages are automatically redirecting where you don't want them to go. These are all signs of malware, call us to get your sick computer back in good health!

  • Data Recovery

    Has your computer died on you and just won't turn on? Has an external harddrive stopped being read by your computer? Don't panic, most, if not all, of your data is still completely safe and is recoverable, bring it in to us and let us help you.

  • Network setup

    Have you gotten a new router lately? Or maybe the computers and devices on your home network aren't communicating the way they ought to? Innovative IT can help with that,

  • New computer setup

    Have you bought a new computer and want a little help removing the pre-bundled crap that comes with it? As well as putting good reliable protection software on, so that your new computer stays healthy as long as possible? We can help with that. call today